INC International Edition
The Error of Many Churches

For many people around the world, they regard organized religion as being very important, and lots of men and women have affiliated themselves with some…

Church News
Open Doors In Bellmore

Celebrating 23 years, the local congregation of Bellmore, New York opens its doors – and arms – to the neighborhood.

Family Shows
INC Kids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAD NOW AND PRINT the next set of INC Kids coloring pages! Now featuring the Districts of Northern Midwest, Southeastern Seaboard and Southwest Cal…

Family Shows
INC Kids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAND AND PRINT NOW the next set of INC Kids Coloring Pages! Now featuring the Districts of Northeastern Seaboard, Northwest California and Southeast Cal…

Preaching Shows
The Bible and Abortion

What does the Bible say about abortion? If it’s legal and culturally acceptable, does God allow it? You asked, the Bible answers.

INC and the Bible
Remain a Part of Christ to Be Certain of Salvation

Everyone who believes in God’s final Day of Judgment is doing everything they can to make sure they are awarded with salvation on that day…

INC Giving Show
In Focus : Access To Hope – MacArthur Park, Los Angeles

MacArthur Park is in Central Los Angeles, California. It has a highly dense population and the neighborhood is plagued by street dangers and homelessness…

Church News
Solid As One

Herri Sundiam along with other youth members of the Church Of Christ face all different kinds of problems…

Executive News
June 30, 2017 [Pinugay Rizal]

Revisiting the District of Rizal, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo dedicates another House of Worship to the Almighty God and launches the New Era University’s College of Agriculture.