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United Across The Lanes

Members of the Church Of Christ in Singapore East compete against each other in a family […]

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Partnering to Make Playgrounds Safe

When a 6-year-old partnership between INC Giving volunteers in Bloomingdale and the City of Glendale Heights […]

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Dance To Express Our Faith

Dancing since she was a child, a young woman from Wyndham, Australia discovers how truly meaningful […]

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Premarital Sex: Is it OK?

Do society’s feelings about premarital sex agree with the Bible’s stance? You asked, the Bible answers.

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New Beginnings

Since discovering the truth, Ronald Espanto has experienced new beginnings as he continues to raise his […]

Worldwide Walk 2018
Hearing Through The Heart//Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California

A young mom shows how shes not letting a hearing disability keep her from helping in […]

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Cecilio & Norma Acuña

Cecilio and Norma Acuña didn’t hear God’s calling to join the Church Of Christ like most […]

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Giving With Impact

Food can bring people together – connecting them – and members of the Church Of Christ […]

Worldwide Talk

There were marriage proposal videos, adorable baby pictures, inspiring ‘completing the race’ videos, comparison pictures from […]