Church News
The Gift to Lead in the Singing of Praises

Accepting a duty in the Church is a big blessing and requires a lot of sacrifices. In her youth, Sis. Kohleen a choir leader and organist, tells us how she prioritizes her duties above all.

Preaching Shows
How to Have a Christian Lifestyle

A “lifestyle” is a way of living that reflects the values of a person or a group. But a lifestyle centered around the gaining of material possession is one that can lead to sin.

Church News
Playing With Those You Love

Friendly competition nurtures friendships and brotherhood in a bowling tournament with one woman, from Atlanta, who cherishes playing with her father.

Executive News
Feature News: Ansan, South Korea

Most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) don’t just carry a suitcase onboard the airplane bringing them to another country, but also the hopes and dreams of family struggling to find greener pasture. But for one OFW, he found more than what he expected: True Faith.

Executive News
Feature News: Dubai, UAE

Most people will do whatever they can to secure a peaceful and happy life for their family. But there is something even more valuable than the things one may need in this life.

Christian Music Videos
In His Hands (A capella)

“In His Hands” Original Music, Arrangement and Lyrics by: Brother Genesis Mendoza Arrangement and Vocals by: Montclair A capella Group Produced by: INC Media Services – Southern California

How To Make Girls’ Time More Promising

Parameters for the Wives in the Villages Raising the Families

Church News
A Message That Connects

Spanning over 140 countries, the Church Of Christ continues to reach out to people in various languages – including a Spanish-speaking couple from New York who attended a Bible Study, receiving a timely message.

English Shows
Accepting the Challenge: Day 21 of Kindness

INC Media took the 21 Day Kindness Challenge and spent the day with Project Open Hands in San Francisco, California.