Southern California Outreach Program

No better way to spend a day

By Cynthia VanSchaemelhout

CARSON, CA – Freddie Young enjoyed her first outing since being hospitalized by spending the day with an old friend and a group of people whom she had just met. And yet, they embraced her like family.

Young, along with her friend Corola Goudeau of Bellflower, California, attended the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) My Countrymen My Brethren Outreach Program and Evangelical Mission held at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, California on January 11, 2014. Young’s nurse, Daisy DeGuzman, invited them. It was DeGuzman’s job as a nurse to care for Young as a patient. But it was her pleasure as an INC member to share this day and her faith with her dear friend.

INC members from all over Southern California Ecclesiastical District, stretching as far as Nevada and Utah, California’s neighboring States in the North East and Arizona in the East, coordinated this outreach program and INC evangelical mission following their Christian duty to do good unto others whenever possible. This was an undertaking anchored on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The outreach and evangelical event drew nearly 11,000 attendees.

The My Countrymen My Brethren outreach program which the Church of Christ or Iglesia Ni Cristo in cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation has been conducting for some time now in different parts of the world, aims at building and promoting stronger relationships between the INC and its neighboring communities. During such undertakings, such as this one in Carson, licensed health care professionals administer free health screenings, flu shots, and dental services. Interactive booths for the young and old, as well as blankets, clothing, school supplies, perishable and non-perishable goods that include groceries are amongst the various items made available to the community – all for free! The INC also extends the opportunity for attendees to register for free Bible classes, and here in Carson, 856 people signed up for a chance to undergo a thorough study of the world’s most printed and widely distributed book – the Bible.

Carson Mayor Jim Dear, Mayor Pro Tempore Elito Santarina, and the city commissioners attended the event and extended their greetings.

The event at the Stubhub in Carson began with a Christian music concert followed by an INC evangelical mission or the study of the words of God written in the Holy Scriptures. Brother Dyland Ramos, District Minister of Southern California delivered the scriptural study with Spanish translation by Brother Andrew Paragas, Resident Minister of the Local Congregation of North San Diego. The spiritual message conveyed the importance of making God the priority in one’s life by serving and worshipping Him in the one true Church.

“God is not only the solution to our immediate problems in the world. He is also needed to secure what we need most of all – salvation,” preached Brother Ramos.

“We [Young and Goudeau] had a very good time. We were able to visit mostly all the booths. It was very crowded but very orderly and we had a really great time and met a lot of nice people. We enjoyed the Bible study . . . and we really did enjoy the entire day. And if this happens again next year or in the months to come, we will surely be ready to attend again and I want to tell more people about it . . . “ said Goudeau.