Happy Ending

in 1. Members of the Church Of Christ

Happy Ending


Music & Lyrics by Bro. Mark Gabatino

Arrangement & Vocals by Bro. Leonard Mendoza


As we journey on in this troubled world

There are trials that we will all suffer

But we know the truth and we must believe

Even in these times of uncertainty

We will see the day that we all long for

So we must stay strong till the end


Just hold on, and run this race for the winning

Just stay strong, as we vowed since the beginning

Don’t give up, your faith keep on defending

Till the day that we receive our happy ending


We must live upright

And obey God’s words

Looking forward to the day His Son returns

When we see that day that we all long for

All our pain will come to an end


Even if today, life may be hard

We will have such a wonderful future

So don’t grow weak, keep up the fight

Remain inside of the Church of Christ


Copyright © 2010 Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ)