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Families in Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah Kick Off the New Year with a Community Clean Up

The start of a new year – many clean out their closets, dust off the cobwebs in their homes, or even sweep away bad habits; all, to improve their quality of life. But these INCGiving volunteers had even more plans – to clean up their city’s streets, to help improve the quality of life for their neighbors.


More than 1,100 volunteers consisting of young and old alike, individuals and families, started their year united in their cause to do good. Members in local congregations across Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah took to the streets their care for their chapel surroundings and local neighborhoods in the District-wide INCGiving Project Community Clean Up.

“The Church of Christ provides for spiritual guidance, and your support in community projects such as neighborhood clean up in our city impacts quality of life,” said National City Vice Mayor Jerry Cano, in San Diego County. “Thank you for your continued efforts in making our community a great place to live, work, and play.”

More than 30 public parks, recreation centers and beaches were attended to, many in connection with their local government and community partners.


“Arroyo Grande Sports Complex was chosen by the Clark County for our group, because it is the most neglected park county in the area that needed much work and attention,” said Nevada resident Jerome Aguinaldo. “So we accepted and took the challenge to clean the complex and bring it back to life, while also propagating [the gospel] throughout the cleaning.”

Like Jerome, many INCGiving groups used the opportunity to not only clean their city’s streets, but also share the words of God along the way.

“We are truly blessed to have fulfilled our INCGiving Park Clean Up and we have coincided it with our God’s Message Magazine Saturation Drive … we were also able to share our faith with others by giving away free God’s Message magazines and pamphlets.”

Volunteers brought with them their faith and their willingness to make a difference; they also brought each other, a chance to spend quality family time together reinforcing strong Christian values.

Jewell Buenavista posted, “I love that our kids are learning the importance of helping our community.”

The INCGiving Community Clean up is just one of many outreach activities that are taking place around the world. Most recently, cities in Northern California held Winter Wear Drives and Neighborhood Appreciation Days, along with other community initiatives in Honolulu, Hawaii and Perth, Australia.

Janice Blanco states, “I love checking out the ‪#‎incgiving hashtags [on social media] and seeing that though we are from different parts of the world, we are united in the same activity.”

For more news on INC Giving Projects happening in your region, or details on how you can participate in a volunteer opportunity near you, visit or speak with your District’s Christian Family Organization officers!

Community Clean Up Sites
Van Zanten Park, El Cajon
Boys & Girls Club, Temecula
El Toyon Park, National City
Sycamore Grove Park, Los Angeles
Valyermo Park, Irvine
Alma Hoffman Park, Montclair
Jane Reynolds Park, Lancaster
Wilson Park, Torrance
Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, Las Vegas
Victory Park, Pasadena
Otay Main Road, San Diego
La Jolla Shores, San Diego
Siemon Park, Bakersfield
Barnes Park, San Gabriel Valley
Mason Park, Woodland Hills
Collett Park, Corona
Los Cerritos Park, Long Beach
Chuck Pontius Commuter Rail Trail, Santa Clarita
Cecil Park & Kalibo Park, Delano
Guajome Park, Vista
Phoenix Chapel compound
Selleh Park, Tempe

Photos Contributed By: Southern California – Bro. Andy Canlas, Bro. Gebb Barrientos, Bro. Nelson Salvatera, Bro. Gavin Johnson, Bro. Rj Mangona, Sis. Letty Alda, Sis. Jewell Buenavista, Sis. Tess Herreria, Bro. Henry Papa, Bro. Jordan Sevillano



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